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Auto parts market demand and supply of structural contradictions

by:Sinpo     2020-08-31
Growing car ownership and update lags behind, make the parts demand is rising. The nation's civil car keep 50. More than thousands of cars. If the bicycle to calculate average annual consumption parts 1300 yuan, the national 6. 2 billion yuan to repair. Plus the import car repair parts 1 billion. To eliminate accessories price increases of about 1718, 1988, accessories to the total number of consumption is still for 6. 2 billion yuan. Bicycle repair parts consumption 1300 yuan, of course, is low, and auto update delay, such as update 50000 cars a year in recent years, relative and increased the old part of repair parts, coupled with rising prices during the first half of this year, in 1990 China auto repair parts consumption, estimated amount is in 7 billion yuan of above, Including the library etc. ) 。 Auto parts chang hysteresis, reflects the demand and supply of structural contradictions will become more prominent. Operation and maintenance accessories professional company facing a grim situation. Mainly aging inventory sales system, low degree of marketable, fill rate is not high, capital, including foreign exchange quotas nervous, need of domestic and imported a purchase is made into do not come, inventory more sell out. Last year and this year the price rise and some of the lower quality of accessories, has a certain influence on sales in 1990. According to estimates of china-malaysia joint committee of east China auto block, east China area accessories market trend is: the liberation of midsize cars, dongfeng and other accessories sold situation is relatively stable, most imported vehicles accessories sold situation. Localization in the case of pure accessories lack of accessories, good quality still sell like hot cakes; Mini for mostly to the period of maintenance, spare parts demand, shortage of many varieties, heavy and medium-sized diesel car accessories sales will be rising steadily, domestic car accessories, jeep accessories and transverse commodity still good pin, but slowing demand.
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