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Auto parts manufacturers to teach you to distinguish machine filter, brake pads, oil

by:Sinpo     2020-10-08
Brake pads and false than are key components for vehicle brake pads, brake pads for crucial braking effect is good or bad, high quality brake pad is the patron saint of people and cars. True: the advantages of the brake pad - — Hardness conforms to the standard, in the high temperature and continuous brake can still keep high quality brake power. False: the dangers of counterfeit brake pad - — Usually use non-standard even inferior materials, For example, scrap metal, etc. ) Is made. Fake poor ability to resist high temperature and continuous brake pads, friction material will crack or even fall off; Braking distance can't meet the requirements of factory product. Use of counterfeit brake pads, easy to cause serious traffic accident. Machine filter of true and false contrast Benz as original filter is pure wood pulp manufacture, with a natural wood, and counterfeit parts for chemical fiber or polyethylene material, more pungent taste or tasteless. True: the advantages of original machine filter - — With professional filter materials, density uniformity, long durability, good filterability. Have reliable reflux organization, can protect the engines, other parts. False: the dangers of counterfeit machine filter - — Rough internal material and manufacturing process. Due to the filtering effect is poor, impurity easy oil into the engine block, can cause premature wear of the main parts of engine, shorten the service life of engine. Oil true contrast auto parts manufacturers when it comes to an engine work quality and the length of life, to a large extent depends on the oil quantity and quality of the wheat from the chaff. To identify the true and false oil, good observation capacity of barrels of oil and label printing. True: the advantages of original oil - — Original engine oil, adopt efficient fully synthetic technology, excellent clean, stability, oxidation resistance and the change of viscosity resistance ability, can effectively establish high strength oil film, prevent wear parts and rust, greatly improving the efficiency of the engine, to provide lasting protection. False: the dangers of counterfeit oil - — Fake oil will increase oil storehouse impurities, poor lubrication, the vehicle dynamics is insufficient, easy to produce carbon and even cause burning oil or cylinder blasting.
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