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Auto parts manufacturers to teach you how to identify whether auto glass replacement

by:Sinpo     2020-10-07
1. Watch glass marking in most cases, auto glass after the change, the new glass on the label and original glass car accessories factory will be very different. General factory glass label not only has the car brand logo, there will be glass brand logo. Due to some policy regulation, of the car manufacturers on the market retail manufacturers to ban the use of the car brand trademark. Therefore, in most of the change of the glass after only glass brand without brand logo. 2. Production date: why do you want to look at the date of production? Because in normal circumstances, the whole vehicle glass production date and vehicle production date, if one piece of glass and other glass production date gap is bigger, it shows that the piece of glass is replaced. If the date of production of each piece of glass is different, then you have to be careful, turn the car situation is possible. Auto glass and tyre are similar, there are ways to one of the above some Numbers can see the production date. But unlike the tyre, the calculation of the tire date unit is zhou, and auto glass is in. 3. Look at manufacturers by looking at the glass manufacturer code number, which can be seen that glass from auto parts factory production enterprises. Automobile manufacturers are batch purchasing glass commonly, do not use too many brands or the same brand of different regions. For example, a kind of brand is vehicle origin of Shanghai, its original glass near Shanghai and manufacturers should be responsible for the production, and not to choose the manufacturer in the north. Netizens can refer to the whole car glass manufacturers are in an area, to determine whether the piece of glass has been replaced. 4. By observing the appearance of glass and look around to judge whether the glass has been replaced. Generally in this way is not easy to distinguish, need some car owners of common sense to see clue, and front and rear windshield only. ( 1) Check the glass strip whether level off, if it is not smooth could split over the glass, but not every car with glass strip. ( 2) Check whether the distance of the gap on both sides of the glass with A column. When the car in the production of robots is responsible for the installation before/after the windshield, so almost identical on both sides of the crack. Can be replaced later by manual operation, so can't avoid a distance there is a certain error. ( 3) Check the car in the gaps in the windshield before/after paint if there is a tiny scratch, if auto parts manufacturers are likely to be demolished traces left by the old glass. ( 4) Check before/after gap exists in extrusion of windshield glass glue. Original factory are robot glue, and then change is manual glue, hard to avoid in order to prevent the rain of air leak leakage play more than the part out.
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