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Auto parts manufacturers to remind you from these aspects to maintain a good car

by:Sinpo     2020-11-23
1, irregular change engine oil in general, domestic sales of the naturally aspirated engine models will ask the user - travel 5000 kilometers 1. 50000 km and supercharged engine oil change, models require replacement at 5000 km, if car don't or have been in a stopped state, the best oil change once every six months. Of course, if your environment and product quality is good, can be appropriate to extend the oil change period and time. 2, not the role of regular replacement of oil filter oil filter is the filter impurities, therefore needs to be changed with the oil. If not change, the oil is not filter which can lead to engine impurities accelerated wear of internal parts because of the oil. 3, not replace the air filter, if filter regularly blocking is serious, will make the air intake resistance increases, the engine power. Because of air resistance increases at the same time, also can increase the absorption into the amount of gasoline, mixing ratio too thick, so that the engine running condition, any increase in fuel consumption, also easy to produce carbon deposit. At ordinary times should get into the habit of regularly check air filter cartridge. 4, not regular replacement of brake oil, brake oil has a characteristic is can absorb moisture in the air, and brake hydraulic system must make brake oil works and atmosphere are interlinked, over time the brake oil will absorb, at high temperatures to bubble, when bubbles appear in the brake oil, brake performance will drop. So the brake fluid is according to the working condition of climate, running environment, seasonal change and inspect its quality properties such as replacement on time. Auto parts manufacturers recommendations: every two years or 50000 km when replacement, in the selection and replacement of brake oil also want to remember: when the different types and different brand of brake oil do not mix. Due to the different formula, mixing brake oil will cause the loss of brake fluid index. 5, don't change regularly antifreeze antifreeze is not long, the anti-corrosion, rust and scale prevention function will be lower, it will cause rusting of the cooling system failure even. In general, antifreeze per 1 in general. 5 years - Replaced every 2 years. The above five replacement car maintenance seems to spend a lot of money, but to send the money is to avoid any major fault, bring us severe losses. So it is necessary to maintain regularly, do these in order to make it serve us better.
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