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Auto parts manufacturers to remind auto-hub bearing the matters needing attention during installation

by:Sinpo     2020-10-25
The choose and buy of auto rearview mirror accessories protective layer to facilitate the storage, we're going to see knock against, prevent parts parts before delivery has a protective layer. Such as piston pin, bearing bush with paraffin wax protection, piston ring and cylinder liner surface rust-proof oil and paper package, valve, piston, etc after immersion rust-proof oil encapsulated with plastic bag. When the choose and buy, if find seal set of damage, loss of wrapping paper, rust-proof oil or paraffin loss, shall be returned. The characteristics of the automobile steering gear electrical plastic accessories, automobile redirector electrical plastic accessories stable performance, low noise, large torque. Automobile redirector electrical plastic accessories applications: automobile redirector electrical plastic accessories for car rearview mirror steering, mirror drive, rearview mirror folding machine, central lock. Welcome the masses of users advisory understanding, we can meet the requirements of customers, make to order various types motor. Auto parts manufacturers reminded in the use of the wheel hub bearing and install please note the following items: 1, to a larger extent to ensure the safety and reliability, it is recommended that you no matter how long their cars are often should check the wheel hub bearing - — Pay attention to whether the bearing has worn early warning signal, including any rotating friction noise or hanging abnormal combination wheel in turn. Suggestions to rear wheel drive vehicles to 38000 kilometers is the vehicle for front wheel bearing lubrication. When replacing the brake system, check the bearing and replace oil seal. 2, such as hear the wheel hub bearing area of noise, first of all, it is important to find the location of the noise occurs. There are many possible noise of moving parts, may also be some rotating parts and no contact with rotating parts. If confirmed is the noise in the bearing, bearing may have been damaged, need to change. 3, because the former wheel lead to bearing failure on both sides of the working conditions are similar, so even if only one bearing is broken, also recommends replacement in pairs. 4, wheel hub bearing is more sensitive, under any circumstances need to use the right methods and with the right tools. In the process of storage and transportation and installation, bearing components cannot be damaged. Need some bearing larger pressure into, so I need a special tool. Be sure to follow car manufacturing instruction.
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