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Auto parts manufacturers to expose the secret of the bumper for you

by:Sinpo     2020-11-22
Location: situated in the car's bumper car called front bumper and car rear, the car's bumper body parts is a fitting parts. Material: generally USES the toughening modification of polypropylene ( PP) Materials as raw materials - injection forming Polypropylene Poly real ( 丙烯) Plastic ( Commonly known as PP material) , with high melting point is 167 ℃, heat resistance, density ( 0. 90g/cm3) , is the general plastic lighter one. Car front end is equipped with bumper ( 保险杠) , decorate a function not only, more important is to absorb and moderate external impact, protective body protect body and occupant safety function of the safety device. About bumper this thing, a lot of people for the first time may think this thing is to keep the vehicle in the suction can knock against time, but, but it is not entirely correct, bumper, how many unknown secrets? Auto parts manufacturers revealed for you. First we see knock against, the auto attack strength. Front lighting strike force, by the energy absorption on both sides of the front bumper energy dissipated to the box and then passed to the left and right front longeron, then passed to the other car body structure. Bumper rear lighting strike force, by the knock against energy transmission to endergonic on both sides of the box to around after longitudinal beam, then passed to the other car body structure. Low intensity impact bumper can muddle through, and high strength impact bumper to have the strength to transfer distractions and buffer effect, the end to the other car body structure, and then by body structure strength to resist. About the bumper, the IIHS and see this thing as no safety equipment, but as a knock against falling speed missing accessories, so for the bumper test, and based on this concept, how to drop loss, decline to maintain cost. IIHS bumper knock against a total of four test, positive knock against respectively before and after the experiment ( Speed of 10 km/h) And before and after surface next to knock against experiment ( Speed of 5 km/h) 。 The first effect of front bumper is maintenance of pedestrians. Due to pedestrians as a vulnerable group, plastic bumper can relieve the pedestrian leg, especially calf touch attack force, reasonable design of bar before cooperation, falling damage degree of the pedestrian was hit. Second is used to knock against falling speed vehicle parts missing. If the bumper design is very poor, attacks when knock against these parts may be damaged very serious.
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