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Auto parts manufacturers think clutch three-piece, to in good repair in together

by:Sinpo     2020-10-06
Replace three-piece reason, according to the daily driving our car in car accessories manufacturers, shift or when the car climbs. Clutch related parts is interacting together, clutch plate problems, pressure plate could not have long service life. Many times 4 s shop or repair shop staff will inform you need to replace the clutch disc, pressure plate also in together. But some say it is good to change a piece will be sent to you, no other bad. Say not bad for you, repair personnel pit you do not understand, look forward to your visit again soon. A means to repair pressure village, cost is a charge to you again. Could have been a problem, just a repair cost. Why love dearly to replace a set of partial to the broken this, not a month was bad that, separately to repair a few times more. 1. In general, when the sluggish, the shift in the power of high speed running. 2. The accelerator can run 80 - - 90 kilometers, because of clutch slippage; 3. Hang a started, before and after the car has a rush of movement; On, lift the clutch auto parts manufacturers have crude sense, etc. , 4. These cases will replace the clutch disc and pressure plate. 5. Clutch with higher and higher, can be seen when the car climbing feel boring, even serious when driving the car after a period of time to be able to smell a charred. 6. We manually check the simple methods: 1, a hand brake or stepped on the brake, and then start. If the engine did not shut down, need to change.
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