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Auto parts manufacturers parsing parts of choose and buy the eight skills

by:Sinpo     2020-10-07
Auto parts manufacturers __ car accessories technique of choose and buy, see the completeness of the trademarks. Handwriting on the authentic product packaging are of good quality, package, overprint colors should be bright. On the packing box, bag, shall be marked with product name, specifications, quantity, a registered trademark, name address and telephone number, etc. , some manufacturer also play their own symbols on the accessories. Some important components such as generator, distributor, fuel injection pump, etc. , also equipped with use illustrate chapter books, certificate of approval and inspectors, to guide users to use correct maintenance. When the choose and buy should be careful to recognize, in case of bought fake and inferior products. Second, look at how much scale with and without deformation. Due to production, shipping, check some parts, prone to deformation. View, axial parts can be one (1) full traveling tumbling along the glass plate, parts and glass plate joint in the presence of light-leaking to judging whether twists and turns; Clutch platen steel or conflict slices of choose and buy, can be in steel, conflict pills for immediate investigation if the warp; When the choose and buy oil seal, with skeleton oil seal face should be positively circular, with flat glass joint without deflection; Frameless oil seal the outer rules, should use hand make its deformation, should be able to recover after let go. All kinds of liner when the choose and buy, should also pay attention to check how much dimension and shape. Third, to see if combining site is flat and level. Spare parts in the process of transfer, register, because oscillation, knock against, often happen in the combining site burr, indentation, breakage or crack, affect the use of parts. When the choose and buy should pay attention to check. Four, watch parts appearance of rustily. Qualified spare parts appearance, there are both certain accuracy and polished finish, the more important parts, the higher accuracy, rustproof packaging is more severe. When the choose and buy should pay attention to check, if discover parts have rust mottled mottled, mildew or rubber pieces of crack and lose elasticity, or journal are significant tool surface texture, shall be interchangeable. Five, see if protective layer. Most of the parts in the factory are coated with the protective layer. Such as piston pin, bearing shell ash maintenance; Piston ring and cylinder liner appearance tu rust-proof oil and paper package; Valve, piston, etc after immersion rust-proof oil encapsulated with plastic bag. When the choose and buy, if find seal set of damage, loss of wrapping paper, rust-proof oil, or ash is missing, shall be returned. Six, the glue joint parts with and without loose. By two or more than two parts, accessories parts is after being connected in between, glue joint or welding, between them are not allowed to have loose phenomenon, such as oil pump plunger is after being connected in combination with regulate arm; Clutch driven pulley and steel sheet is riveting, conflict with sheet steel is riveting or glue; Paper filter filter skeleton and the filter paper is glue joint; The thrum of the electrical equipment is welded together. If found to have loose when the choose and buy, should be interchangeable. Seven, whether rolling parts is sensitive. The choose and buy the rolling parts assembly such as oil pump, the scroll pump shaft by hand, should feel sensitive without binding; When the rolling bearing of choose and buy, with a support bearing inner ring, outer ring, and with another hand outer ring should be able to quickly scroll, then gradually shut down. If the component is ineffective, scroll to clarify internal corrosion or deformation, don't buy. Eight, the assembly parts are complete. Formal assembly parts must be completely perfect, talent to ensure smooth installation and normal operation. Some assembly parts on the individual, if small parts packing will make assembly parts unable to homework and even invalid.
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