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by:Sinpo     2020-12-06
Damping is often appear problem, the oil spill. You know, once the oil, can not only affects the stability of drivers driving comfort, and is likely to lead to vehicle fire, in order to avoid such tragedy happen in their own, must key check cage cases. From a professional point of view, if the ball cage cover broken, then the water will enter the car, directly affect the steering, especially once the time is so long, huge loss of lubricant will, vehicles may even be so completely destroyed. Wheel bearing, to do car maintenance, can check the wheel bearing, by the way, the practice is that the vehicle jacking, loosen the hand brake, turn the bearing, if there is a sound, there are some abnormal means bearing, it is better to further check the pull rod is loose, if loose tie, in a tie rod assembly is clearly a more suitable way. In times of tire pressure to maintain the best state. We know that heat bilges cold shrink is natural phenomenon in nature, if tire pressure is too high, may be a flat tire, if tire pressure is too low, is likely to lead to tire and ground contact area is too much, is money. Special need to remind is, if the pattern on the surface of the tires wear out to 1. The location of the 5 mm, must be the first time for replacement. Car window seals, in fact, this is a the owner's easy to overlook a place, because the vehicle Micronesia seals are relatively less damage of the process, but in fact, once the seal is broken, may directly result in the storm all entered the car interior, extremely cold, and will leak, to increase the car's wind to dry. Special remind is, if the wind dry sharply increasing, that means, the vehicle's fuel consumption will increase greatly.
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