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Auto parts manufacturers introduce the driver must know automobile maintenance tips

by:Sinpo     2020-10-07
Regular maintenance without change of don't change often owners do routine maintenance, will replace the four filter, auto parts manufacturers in addition to the oil filter and oil actually must according to the mileage for replacement, as air filter, gas filter, air filter, such as not necessarily every time you want to change, the owner can according to your own driving conditions, or twice every last change again. In addition, routine maintenance, although time is according to mileage, but sometimes may be extended appropriately. If your car is generally good roads in urban areas, the original 5000 km maintenance time, maintenance again can extend to 6000 kilometers. Suggested replacement parts be mindful when some pit for the pursuit of profit, would recommend owners replace unnecessary replacement of parts. To this, a teacher engaged in automobile repair industry for many years, said: 'some parts can repair the should try to repair, can't repair again when replacement, such as front and rear bumpers, doors, machine cover, etc. , if you don't serious impact bending deformation, the cost of repair is far below the cost of change. Accessories price to shop around in a lot of consumer impression, the same brand of 4 s shop repair station and the special service station car accessories factory component prices and partners should are the same, actually otherwise. The more common parts, the price is more consistent. But some parts of 'cold', because the change frequency is not high, price or discriminating between each store, some time will vary a lot. When change accordingly, the owner might as well make some calls, compare the price. Make full use of free testing services now, each big brand dealers often holds various free activity detection purposes. Some maintenance personnel will be the opportunity to tempt owners make some unnecessary maintenance and repair, so as to achieve the purpose of profit. However, as long as the owner, keep an eye to different pit for consulting, for example, or find a knowledgeable friend ask, wouldn't spend money. Go free, of course, can detect or as far as possible, so that facilitate the owners know cars, will be some hidden trouble in time to solve. Avoid the frequent maintenance frequent maintenance will cause bad effects to the car. 'Some of the owners of the car auto parts manufacturers too cherish, such as the maintenance period is 5000 km, but he only made it about 3000 or 4000 km, oil change '/'. 'Said there are 4 s shop maintenance personnel, the owner is unnecessary to do so, just according to the regulations of the manufacturer's maintenance mileage of maintenance, maintenance replacement prematurely is wasted.
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