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Auto parts manufacturers introduce chassis maintenance and how to do

by:Sinpo     2020-10-07
Here including transmission, braking power auto parts manufacturers to the system, etc. , on the one hand, we will strictly in accordance with relevant provisions of the manual on time, on a regular basis to the special maintenance service to supplement or replace, also want to check the observation on the other hand, can be in commonly check, by the way, when the car go see if the storage tank of oil between the upper and lower two calibration, if less than offline will be added in time, if the oil level drops quickly, system leakage, need to check the leakage site, repair in a timely manner. Wear of brake pads and clutch disc brakes and clutch plate both friction plate is consumables, use after a period of time will loss, the loss of original features. If you don't change in time is easy to a car crash. Generally the car has a corresponding warning lamp, will be timely warning signal, remind owner changes. Now most of the cars to adopt the method of using adhesive friction piece connection steel back, until at the end of the friction plate mill, the direct contact with the metal and metal to make a sound at this time to replace the lining has been late. So are fitted with electronic sensor signal, about 1 left in auto parts manufacturers friction plate. 5 mm, the brake lights on the dashboard will light up, it's remind car mostly replace the friction plate. Four-wheel positioning is very important to coarse, car seriously from four wheels seems to be standing on the ground, actually otherwise, if use instrument to measure, you'll find them in the X, Y, Z three plane deflection Angle of a more, just value is very small, usually only 0. 5 to 2 degrees, the naked eye look not to come out at all. Don't look down upon these three small deflection Angle, it determines the steering performance of the car. If the crash, or use changed a long time due to wear and tear, handling could be greatly reduced. When auto parts manufacturers in the manipulation of the steering wheel so if feel strange, should be to the formal garage or professional four-wheel positioning checkpoints to check and adjust accordingly. Not very much money, but to ensure the safe driving.
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