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Auto parts manufacturers alert in the use of the wheel hub bearing and install these points

by:Sinpo     2020-10-24
Auto parts manufacturers reminded in the use of the wheel hub bearing and install please note the following items: 1, to a larger extent to ensure the safety and reliability, it is recommended that you no matter how long their cars are often should check the wheel hub bearing - — Pay attention to whether the bearing has worn early warning signal, including any rotating friction noise or hanging abnormal combination wheel in turn. Suggestions to rear wheel drive vehicles to 38000 kilometers is the vehicle for front wheel bearing lubrication. When replacing the brake system, check the bearing and replace oil seal. 2, such as hear the wheel hub bearing area of noise, first of all, it is important to find the location of the noise occurs. There are many possible noise of moving parts, may also be some rotating parts and no contact with rotating parts. If confirmed is the noise in the bearing, bearing may have been damaged, need to change. 3, because the former wheel lead to bearing failure on both sides of the working conditions are similar, so even if only one bearing is broken, also recommends replacement in pairs. 4, wheel hub bearing is more sensitive, under any circumstances need to use the right methods and with the right tools. In the process of storage and transportation and installation, bearing components cannot be damaged. Need some bearing larger pressure into, so I need a special tool. Be sure to follow car manufacturing instruction. 5, when installing the bearing should be clean and neat environment, tiny particles into the bearing will shorten the service life of bearing. Replace the bearing when it is very important to maintain a clean environment. Not allowed to use hammer percussion bearing, pay attention to the bearing don't fall on the ground, Or similar misconduct) 。 Car waterproof connectors its connector is a special kind of car, the role of the automobile connector is generally used to the inside of the car all kinds of electronic components to connect, guaranteeing the normal operation of the circuit at the same time also pay attention to the various interfaces is good or not. Automotive connectors are generally in the inside of the car, a lot of people will fail to pay attention to the waterproof itself, this is a wrong idea. So car waterproof connectors, for it to be able to get a very good car in the process of cleaning or rainy days drive possible water seepage phenomenon, ensure the water seepage under the condition of the car will not be affected. We can't hope that it won't appear the phenomenon of water seepage, but should be prepared on the waterproof, this time the car is reflected the importance of waterproof connectors.
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