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Auto parts manufacturer to tell you the water temperature sensor this little thing will do great damage to the car

by:Sinpo     2020-10-09
Car problems, in the repair shop repair, and in the canister solenoid valve auto parts manufacturer, gasoline pumps, spark plugs, etc. Also didn't solve the problem. Came to the maintenance center repair, inquired about the malfunctions and maintenance history, with the diagnostic instrument read key data flow engine, found the engine water temperature sensor in the computer display is 38 degrees, but the measured engine water temperature of 90 degrees or so, testing the water temperature sensors on the engine computer to the voltage between the two lines is 5 v, is normal. According to judgment is water temperature measurement sensor, this little performance change, change of engine water temperature sensor troubleshooting. Water temperature sensor is one of the key sensors in engine control system, although the ghost small things, if there is something wrong with it, would have caused a lot of trouble for the operation of the engine control, especially in the process of start the warm machine more obvious. Water temperature sensor fault itself generally has two kinds: back to the computer the temperature lower than the actual temperature ( Including internal circuit) And give feedback to the computer temperature is higher than the actual temperature ( Including internal short circuit) 。 These two kinds of failure are corresponding to different failure phenomenon. One, back to the computer the temperature lower than the actual temperature, also is this little thing lied to the engine computer auto parts manufacturer, report to the computer the temperature lower than the actual temperature, which makes the computer reference to his internal storage of the same program is running at low temperature, fault phenomenon will have the following: 1, the start is difficult, especially in hot cars. 2, high idle speed and instability. 3, fuel consumption increase. 4, some car water thermometer display water temperature is low. 5 black, spark plugs, easy to have a carbon deposit. 6, some will light engine trouble light and so on. Second, feedback to the temperature of the computer is higher than the actual temperature, little things is this report for the temperature of the engine computer than the actual temperature is high, which makes the computer reference he internal storage of the same high temperature program is running, will have the following phenomena: 1, cool car start difficult. 2, warm car stage and not oil. 3, speed up difficult. 4, throttle temper sometimes. 5, air conditioning will not refrigeration. 6, some car meter high water temperature, alarm. 7, radiator fan at high speed. 8, some will light engine so auto parts manufacturer obstacle lights, etc.
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