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Auto parts manufacturer to tell you something about automobile redirector related knowledge

by:Sinpo     2020-10-25
Auto parts manufacturers when it comes to automobile redirector is a lot of more phyletic, compared with commonly used worm gear rack type, crank pin type, ball - cycles Rack tooth fan type, loop ball crank pin type, worm wheel type, etc. Gear rack type automobile redirector is one of the more common, and its basic structure is a pair of gears mesh pinion and rack. Steering shaft drive pinion rotating, rack for linear motion. Sometimes, rely on rack to directly drive the tie rod, to make a steering wheel steering. Steering gear rack type automobile has simple structure, low cost, steering sensitivity, small volume, is widely used in the car. The advantage of auto plastic accessories characteristics: 1, easy recycling automotive plastic parts using recyclable materials, reduce material type, easy recycling. 2, reduce vehicle weight of auto plastic accessories plastic material instead of metal materials, reduce vehicle weight, save fuel, save cost. 3, the use of new materials with some new materials, such as LEF - PP instead of the metal, the traditional engineering materials, green environmental protection, save the energy. Auto rearview mirror parts installation: 1, the two screws button down, set on the bus after twist; 2, install the bracket head to the right position to install, and confirm the bracket has been firmly; 3, the car rearview mirror mount bracket, adjustable locked tight button; 4, by turning tuning knob ball head moving joints where appropriate appropriate Angle adjustment.
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