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Auto parts large data disclosure will produce what value?

by:Sinpo     2020-10-04
Recently, the official of the State Council issued the action program for promote the development of big data ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'executive summary') 。 Points out that the action program, will push big data and cloud computing, Internet, mobile Internet, the development of a new generation of information technology integration, such as exploring large data with the coordinated development of the traditional industry of new forms and new mode, promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and emerging industry development, cultivate new economic growth point. So, for the traditional auto after market, auto parts large data disclosure will produce what value? Form the overall market after the government's proposed many for automobile market policy, vehicle maintenance and repair data, open the hallmark of the industry breakthrough development. Repair data that is fused to form the more dimensions and big data to let the car after market to form a whole, to break the barrier of the monopoly industry caused by asymmetric information. Article on the basis of large data, the whole industry chain on the repair, maintenance and so on each link merchants can concentrate more on their own industry, relevant data required for as long as the data with specialized business docking, so the whole industry will do light, auto market after the era of competition began. From the point of the industrial chain, the current China's auto market after the basic can be divided into seven categories: maintenance, maintenance, modification, used cars, auto parts, electrical related business and financial insurance. This actually can do segmentation, seven categories such as maintenance, including washing oil, beauty, and parts replacement and other services. Seven class car service can be divided into car service, car networking related tools and community three types. In terms of the current car service class of many businessmen are from heavy to light changes, began to shift from the industrial chain lower to middle tier, do 'service bus service' service providers. This kind of business whether do vertical platform or service, in the informationization in the transition to a 'big data'. Because the merchant found the car after market service of competition is not the amount of maintenance personnel, need more of is to the original factory accessories, brand accessories, working hours, maintenance information and other data adapter, for example, such as oil filter ( Machine filter) Need model matching with the door of the customers, but original machine filter is very expensive, O2O companies use brand, that's what machine model filter is suitable for this customer? It's need to use the database for matching support. On data acquisition, data accumulation of merchants can get information through more channels, no accumulation will cooperate with database of professional enterprise. The whole industry chain have heavy demand on big data services. Big data can bring more industry lies in the business for customers, and business management, these data specific to the automobile market, is the car after market service business in customers and comprehensive management of the commercial marketing communication. Especially the data of the maintenance of vehicles, accessories, brand, flexible and applications to be obtained, can let the merchants in close contact with the owner. Don't even need to ask can understand owner transport information, can further provide one-stop automotive service for car owners.
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