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Auto parts introduction to the use of lubricating oil

by:Sinpo     2020-09-03
1. Lubricating oil supplement but not replace frequently, it cannot make up for the loss of lubricating oil auto parts price performance, because the lubricating oil in use process, because of pollution and the reasons such as oxidation deteriorates slowly, at the same time also will have some consumption, reduce the number of lubricating oil. 2. Additive effect, the real high quality lubricating oil is there are a lot of can protect the engine function of finished product, there have been many in the recipe of additives, including anti-wear agent, and the balance of lubricating oil is the most exquisite recipe to give full play to the performance of security. If their disorderly add other additives not only can't protect your car, and can lead to declining oil comprehensive performance. 3. Oil black would be the oil change, this kind of understanding is not comprehensive, because for no detergent-dispersants of lubricating oil, the color black is oil has bad performance, but modern automobile lubricating oil is generally used with quiet breaking agent. This quiet agent will adhere to in the film on the piston and black carbon deposit catharsis, and dispersed in oil, reduce the generation of high temperature and sediment engine, so the lubricating oil use after a period of time it's easy to get the black color, but at this time of the oil has not completely bad. 4. Lubricating oil can add more, this kind of practice is not desirable, too much to add lubricating oil can make lubricating oil into the combustion chamber from the clearance between the piston and cylinder combustion form carbon deposition, and the carbon deposition is favorable to improve the engine compression ratio, increase the tendency to produce detonation formation within the cylinder was in red state auto parts price is likely to lead to early combustion, such as falling into a cylinder will aggravate wear of cylinder and piston, will also accelerate lubricating oil pollution. Secondly, excessive oil increased the crankshaft connecting rod agitation resistance, increased fuel consumption.
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