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Auto parts introduction to new energy automobile forecast development trend in the future

by:Sinpo     2020-08-31
1: the valspar has risen in a spiral trend of new energy vehicles, fuel vehicle ban at present, China's new energy vehicle production and marketing leading global scale and become the world's new energy automobile production volume for the last three consecutive years of the great powers, accumulative total production volume has exceeded 1. 8 million. Among them, the production and marketing of new energy vehicles in China reached 79 in 2017. 40000 and 77. 70000, year-on-year growth of 53 respectively. 8% and 53. Accounts for 3%, the market than to 2. Improved 0 7%, more than the previous year. 9%. And in January 2018, China's new energy automobile sales reach 3. 4, 80000 vehicles increased. Three times. Although the hard to avoid suspicions, but under the policy support, new energy vehicles trend, will only move on. From the point of data, China's new energy automobile market demand spiral, 2016, 500000, 800000, 2017, and is expected to reach more than 1 million vehicles in 2018, planning to 2 million vehicles in 2020. 1 million the production of small targets for new energy automobile industry in our country has a symbolic meaning, if the implementation is represent the new energy automotive industry chain can start supporting millions of magnitude scale. 2: the changes of the new energy automotive industry trend of new energy vehicles, fuel car to ban new energy automotive industry pattern is emerging. Guangzhou, Beijing, byd, geely and other traditional car companies strong lead, at the same time, represented by wei, wei ma, xiao peng's new car is decisive to enter into the capital and technology, with a completely different way. Car companies to accelerate the transformation of traditional layout of byd new energy vehicles worldwide coverage in 2018 cities by 200 to 400, has 100000 yuan of the following vehicle. In addition, byd will increase next year 30000 charging facilities. Beijing new energy release 'optimus prime' planning, planning from 2018 to 2020, radiation in Beijing, xiamen, guangzhou and other cities, forming the urban public travel operating platform and arrangement in energy storage operations platform, built in power station, 1000, 100000 units operating vehicles. Geely will develop more electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, 2018 plan to launch more than 5 new energy vehicles. Building cars to build new financing wei to auto financing reached 14 billion yuan, is planning production base in Shanghai. Wei to car has hired eight Banks, including Morgan Stanley and Goldman sachs for years in preparation for going public, it is understood the IPO size at about $1 billion to $2 billion. On the factory wei to car has started production base is located in jiading district, Shanghai, and planning of about 800 mu of land. Rammasun vehicle program since 2018, at an annual rate of more than a new car into the market gradually. Wei horse car first mass-produced car in the middle of this year, new car will pick up baidu Apollo system, priced at 200000 yuan, working condition of comprehensive battery can reach 450 km. The changes of the new energy automotive industry, whether it is a traditional car companies to accelerate the transformation of the layout, or a factory to build new car financing, will promote the new energy automotive industry toward the new prosperity. 3: sharing a bright future, hidden dangers hidden trend of new energy vehicles, fuel vehicle ban experienced a share in the prosperity of a bike with winter, sharing advantages and hidden dangers are obvious. At present most of the time sharing rental cars are on the market of new energy vehicles, while increases with the increasing borrow, also free to attract users, but the number of charging pile number does not match with the Shared cars, and also point to the lack of leading industry operating efficiency is low, Shared cars lack of convenience. Even so, thanks to the trip, drops, Meituan Internet giant, Beijing auto group, Shanghai automotive industry corporation, ShouQi group, geely automobile and other traditional auto makers still Shared into the new energy automotive industry. , so to speak, rely on the independent operation of capital and relying on automobile enterprise travel service units are the two main forces. As the Shared bus operation scale expanding and operational area expands, sharing the operation difficulty and operation pressure increasing, the industry standard operation needs to be strengthened, the improvement of the insurance, for example, for personalized solutions for the enterprise operation level or compulsory purchase commercial insurance, only to let users worry-free, future prospects to the long-term bullish. 4: commercial vehicle to take the lead in road transport has two forms: human life flow and goods flow. In the field of new energy cars, commercial vehicles is expected to take the lead on the road. Bus electrification has been underway for many years, new energy bus effective market is already close to saturation, the taxi car as government procurement and logistics and the field of urban traffic control, is expected to usher in a new round of electric wave. As we all know, the big cities in terms of personal travel traffic, accepted way is to reduce the private cars, develop the public transportation system. Similarly, effectively solve the travel of the goods, also is to build 'goods in transit. Such as life, charging, a load, such as inherent weaknesses, 'goods delivery' system, improve the logistics company a large number of self-owned vehicles is no longer a must, the goods time designated route for get on the bus, arrive substation, forming a highly efficient, orderly and reduce the idle and waste of urban cargo capacity system, thus forming a new round of new energy boom. 5: supporting industries gradually perfect the trend of new energy vehicles, fuel vehicle ban during the two sessions, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology minister MiaoWei publicly said: 'the charging infrastructure is still in the development of our short board'. Although the new energy automotive industry begun to take shape, the industrial chain is relatively intact, but continued growth in the number of new energy vehicles, charging infrastructure undersupply contradiction growing, overall construction scale has the serious lag.
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