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Auto parts have the eight major trouble, teach you how to easily solved!

by:Sinpo     2020-12-03
Two cases are common accumulator dentsu, battery life is generally 2 to 3 years, the battery life when due, will suddenly without electricity when parking in one; And we listen to the radio for a long time, forgot to close the headlight, and alarm alarm for a long time, and so on and so forth battery without electricity. Recommended treatment 1, by the other vehicle traction, drag. 2, use the power of the other vehicles. 3, using the downhill. 1) Cart or traction, if someone assist can adopt the method of traction or cart, hang after concrete is into the car in second gear, and then on the clutch don't lift, stay cart pushing speed up direct lift the clutch and the fill some oil, start the car. If the traction, the same way, but must pay attention to keep the vehicles. 2) Use battery pulling method, use the power of the other vehicle charging, the specific method is: to prepare two relatively coarse wire, if the market to buy, generally divided into red and black. Can put a end to red line has the traction battery anode, the other end to a loss of traction battery positive electrode. Black line end to a loss of traction battery cathode, the other end to a metal part of the trolley. A trolley to start to drive deficient trolley car. Here we have to emphasize that the power supply of the car should be in the running state, the first lap, lap again li-ion; After start-up, loosen the cathode, the positive pulling loose again. This will prevent first after a negative surprise half way through the positive and body touch, cause a short-circuit. 2, oil shortage alarm lights up the cause of the problem: oil can red light flashing, if not the sensor fault, are generally lack of engine oil, in the case of lack of oil continue to drive, is likely to cause broken piston cylinder, the car suddenly shut down, not only is very dangerous, the maintenance cost is also high.
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