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Auto parts factory remind reasonable to make good use of the rearview mirror

by:Sinpo     2020-10-25
Rear-view mirror is directly obtained the pilot in the cockpit seats car rear, side, and the external information of tools such as below. To the driver is easy to operate, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, guarantee personal safety, regulations in every country in the car must be installed on the rearview mirror, and all the rearview mirror must be able to adjust the direction. Classification: 1, the rear-view mirror: in the rearview mirror is not driving the transformation in the forward line of sight can confirm the mirror of the behind the scenes. 2, outside rearview mirror: passenger car will generally outside rearview mirror mounted on a door. Japan's domestic car has perfectly on the fender. 3, the lens: the lens, can make the driver in the driver's right in front of the mirror to see the outside of the front and back of the car body under the place, can make the driver in reverse and start forward and see it at the front and side whether someone or obstacles, in order to avoid injury, and damage to the vehicle, with convenience and safety for the drivers. One, the reasonable use of the rearview mirror because of the need to pay attention to while backing is an obstruction in the automobile body side low, the ground sinks, so should be relying more on the rearview mirror. The passenger side rear view mirror is a convex mirror with small curvature, it is the main use of the observation in reverse body on the right side of any obstacles, etc. Back may be appropriately lowered its Angle in order to understand more clearly on the right side of the road. The driver side mirror is a flat mirror, with the aid of it can be convenient to judge the distance body and rear obstacles, to determine whether a car parked 'is' the general is the use of the mirror. While driving to 'all eyes and all ears', on the one hand, to concentrate on the road, on the other hand to use corner by car rearview mirror observation vehicle left, right, and the latter, in all aspects of the comprehensive collection of information, to ensure driving safety. The observation in front of the situation, more convenient; And left, right and rear case, it must be with the help of auto rearview mirror. One, left and right side of the car and the car the installation side car rearview mirror, its position Angle should be compatible with models. Second, the car before the start, the driver must pass the car rearview mirror to observe suitability for behind the car to follow up and other traffic situations, can quickly make accurate judgment and handling, if blindly start, may cause scratches. Three, in a multiple lane road driving, vehicle frequently change lanes, more shall, from time to time by automobile rearview mirror suitability accurate observation of traffic, the rear car approaching, do not change lanes. If there is vehicle was beyond their suitability, temporarily not overtaking.
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