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Auto parts factory remind always maintain the parts of the car

by:Sinpo     2020-10-05
Cherish life, please fasten your seat belt. It is a cliche topic, but please be sure to fasten your seat belt. Auto parts manufacturers said belt maintenance problems today. Car seat belts also need maintenance mainly check the internal coil spring seat belts are usually considered is there, don't need maintenance, but for a long time down seat belts are also likely to be 'to strike'. Actually, safety belt will be aging, the main performance is the internal spring coiling machine aging, seat belts will be too loose or fail to tighten, seat belts are beginning to 'strike' at this moment. In an emergency, if the seat belt too loose easily cause a downturn of the occupant from the seat belt, causing serious damage. If a seat belt in use has been under a strong tensile load, even if no damage, should also change, can't continue to use. Collision accident happens, regardless of whether the airbag initiation, should please repair station staff of relevant safety system for a complete overhaul. How qualified self-checking seat belt? Check the lock if there is any foreign body into the, if there is dust into the shoulder belt hinge point, can make the belt slow, immediately with a clean dry cloth to wipe clean. If the seat belt aging or damaged, needs to be changed in a timely manner to the professional to repair shop. Your seat belt is too dirty, you can use neutral soap and lukewarm water, wet cloth or sponge to scrub, after careful not to use the dye or bleach, otherwise it will corrosion belt, also do not use hard brush to wash, so as not to reduce the safety belt tensile strength. Before the seat belt did not work, do not use. Auto parts price strategy: ignore the quality of the parts at a lower price, only for the customer the impression that the cheap accessories, automobile low price strategy will die! Auto parts quality positioning, reasonable pricing, saving take reasonable profits, auto parts to improve automobile fitting enterprise its long-term competitiveness and the sustainable development strategy. Auto service is the premise of profits, auto parts can be squeezed profit space, but not disappeared, along with auto profits disappear and auto service. Please don't blindly the excessive demands of bargain, every auto company or auto archives mouths to survive, you took their survival space for auto parts, auto service is lost. Please respect the auto parts industry, every auto parts for auto after market service, dedication to also include our own! I'm sorry! Sometimes we say to you: No, because we will go to auto service every thing, is not only responsible for you, are responsible for our own, more to drive on the road all day running safety of the drivers are responsible for!
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