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Auto parts factors affecting electric spindle performance analysis

by:Sinpo     2020-08-30
Auto parts running speed is high, is one of the characteristics of motorized spindle, good lubrication of the bearing is to guarantee the normal work of an important indicator. Therefore necessary for motorized spindle lubrication system is very important. Related to the lubrication effect of motorized spindle running accuracy motorized spindle is the cause of fever. Motorized spindle's internal heat source comes from two aspects: 1, main shaft bearing of fever; 2, fever: built-in motorized spindle motor car accessories to solve heat need cooling motor stator, can be accomplished by circulating water cooling, the motor heat away; Solve the problem of main shaft bearing heating, is to be in a timely manner will be bearing away the heat generated by the operation. Traditional thin oil lubrication is conveying a lot of lubricating oil, realize non-invasive lubrication, at the same time, the lubricating oil to take away heat. Such shortcomings of lubrication way, one is a waste of a lot of lubricating oil, the second is between lubricant oil molecules in the process of circulation and with plenty of loop heat generated in the friction between pipeline, lead to the oil temperature rise, at this time of lubricating oil not only can not play a good cooling effect, but also can lead to bearing temperature rise, is not conducive to the main shaft bearing performance of the play. Therefore, eliminate internal liquid molecules between frictional heat generation become the key to solve the problem. Practice shows that oil and gas lubrication can fundamentally to avoid this situation. First of all, lubricating oil and gas to provide a small amount of lubricating oil can meet the required amount of lubricating oil bearing. Second, lubricating oil and gas will not appear lubricating oil molecular friction produces heat, while the clean compressed air to take away the heat generated by the bearing, spindle runs in a stable temperature. So that we can effectively solve the problem because the temperature increase caused by the thermal deformation. Sharp sheng auto parts is committed to electric spindle lubrication oil and gas research for many years, has a mature oil and gas lubrication products and rich application experience, will bring more value to customers. How's motorized spindle lubrication oil and gas has the following advantages; Motorized spindle bearing indoor can get positive pressure environment, to prevent the invasion of the external impurities; Compressed air to bearing a good cooling effect; 1 - Independent work at 8 o 'clock the lubrication points, reliable to each lubrication point to oil condition monitoring; The consumption of lubricating oil is controlled by accurate measurement, so the consumption is very low; ; Modular structure, can increase or decrease according to the lubrication points module components, implement multipoint combination; Fully electronic program control, fast set by convenient man-machine interface of oil and gas lubrication equipment operation is simple to use and maintenance costs low doppler motorized spindle oil and gas lubrication device is: give oil, parameterized operation precision, simple operation, system implementation level, air pressure, flow rate of the output monitor. Has been used for household appliances main shaft manufacturers use.
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