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Auto parts engine technique strong Japanese or German fasten?

by:Sinpo     2020-09-08
Honda engine of Honda engine we all have to admit that it's tough, car accessories price have such a fun word widespread: buy Honda engine, get the car. It also illustrates the Honda engine from the side really have the edge. It not only power strong enough, and the reliability is high, don't pick on oil. Vaguely remember Honda automobile internal WeChat public platform early with a 1. 8 l naturally aspirated engine, that sounds nice. Toyota engine Toyota is known for reliable and durable, small make up remember Toyota's Toyota bullying is the most representative of the engine, don't pick oil and engine oil, with oil and can run can strength. Bullying, that are everywhere in Tibet road in Tibetan areas such harsh environments are almost, stability is strong, fuel efficient worry is arbitrary number of engine. Mercedes-benz engine if choose a ashkenazi, small make up says Mercedes can have certain representativeness. Mercedes-benz engine not only reliable, power is strong enough, the key is not like as ashkenazi mass burn oil. Mercedes representative M274 of sex is strong power, fuel consumption is not high, not to burn oil. BMW engine BMW engine in the field of engine is one of the best technology. BMW is the most famous is that it is the in-line naturally aspirated engine, 'top ten engine' selection of year, BMW engine can always landing a. Now global automakers are moving in the smaller turbocharged engine, BMW has begun to change in its turbo engine, output parameters is also leading at the same level. Ashkenazi engine more inclined to technology-driven, auto parts prices are always like to try new technology, and so the problem is small fault is, the more but for some like the consumer doesn't care about new technology. Virtue is compared to the Japanese engine for the application of new technology is slow, the new technology in the product is very few, more mature technology, so the Japanese have higher reliability.
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