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Auto parts: engine parameters do you really understand

by:Sinpo     2020-11-24
Auto parts found a lot of people will pay attention to the car's engine when buying a car how much power ( HP) That power cart speed faster and faster. Yes, it is has the certain basis, but most people ignored another important parameters: the engine torque. Small make up not to tell everyone about the meaning of these two units, because a lot of baidu once more professional explanation noun. Today I want to use the most comprehensible way tell you the meaning of these two units. Engine parameters do you really understand this is a also basic all ridden a bike is known to all, today small make up you use it to an example. Power ( HP) Is just like a player, his vigorous, in the absence of large load can ride fast. But once added a lot of weight, he will push more demanding. Torque is like a big, great strength, regardless of load multiple things he ride up, do not struggle, but is bigger is not flexible, so on. You can take our car engine as a tandem bicycles, and motor power ( HP) And torque respectively represent two people ride the car. Power ( HP) Very athletic, flexible, he can push very quickly, but his strength is limited, since still he can't just so fast, then torque needed help, torque is large, is that you load with low speed or casually, he can push to it, but because of the bigger not so flexible, so he was unhappy. Only when the two complement each other to ensure the tandem bicycles both acceleration and shot can soon. Now do you understand? Ridden a electric car friend can understand more, the electric car run fast, but the matter is very large. This is because of the characteristics of the motor, power is not high but the torque is large, and starting from the current is the maximum torque output, and the need of high speed gasoline engine maximum torque can play out, turbocharged engine is generally at the time of engine speed one thousand r can output torque, and after charging, the torque will be great. So you will feel pressurization car more 'matter'.
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