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Auto after market will usher in rapid development, auto parts accounted for 39%

by:Sinpo     2020-09-18
It belongs to the car after market this piece, after the car market will usher in rapid development, auto parts (39%), forward-looking industry institute data monitoring center, according to data from the 2011 auto production in 1841. 88. 76 million, year-on-year growth of 0. 84%; Accumulative total sales of 1853. 2, 34. 26 million vehicles increased. 7%. Experienced after China's auto market blowout again in 2010, the international and domestic brands are China's car market as a piece of fat meat to the flow of oil, have launched a new round of the dream. In fact, whether the international automobile brand medium-term planning, or domestic automobile group's five-year strategic plan, similarly to cater to the government's 12th five-year plan. Faw, saic, dongfeng and changan, guangzhou, Beijing auto six big state-owned auto group in 2015 total production target has more than 28 million vehicles; Jianghuai auto, chery, geely, byd cars, Great Wall automobile, brilliance auto six independent brand automobile total production and sales target for 2015 of about 12 million vehicles. In order to forecast, China auto sales will reach 40 million units in 2015. Data shows, compared with the rapid growth of automobile manufacturing industry, after a set with domestic car market also has the very big development space. In overseas mature automobile market sales, accessories (39%), manufacturers account for 21%, accounting for 7% of all retail services accounted for 33%. Now the domestic automobile market sales of accessories (37%), manufacturers account for 43%, accounting for 8% of all retail services accounted for 12%. It is not hard to see the current domestic car sales in the proportion of manufacturing slants big, the proportion of service is too small.
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