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Audi driving steering wheel in the jitter is what reason

by:Sinpo     2020-11-10
The steering wheel in hand, the world as I walked! In daily life, we are still serious car steering wheel. While with the progress of science and technology, the direction of a steering wheel is not just, also on the wheel integrated bluetooth, shift the beginning, the volume control buttons and so on. There may be some cyclists have experienced the steering wheel jitter, then what are the main steering wheel wobbling factors? High speed, the steering wheel jitter as well as the above, a lot of drives to feel just because of the vehicle bump caused by driving too fast, there are may be because of vehicle transmission system, should check the front wheel orientation Angle is in line with the requirements, such as the phrase should be adjusted. High-speed brakes, steering wheel suddenly wobbling brake too hard, too frequently, can cause the brake disc, brake pads, overheating, encounter cold deformation, this time will need to replace or grind the brake disc. Playing the direction wheel jitter severe this comparison is often appear on the vehicles a year, this is because the power belt too loose or too tight, the main mechanical hydraulic booster for vehicles, the firmness of the belt can be adjusted or replaced. High-speed car pendulum steering wheel wobbling solution is one with the improvement of the speed oscillator is gradually strong 2 it is in a high speed oscillator, and cause the steering wheel. Can set up a first drive axle, front wheel gasser security block, start the engine and gradually change into the high speed gear to drive wheels will try shimmy speed. If the body and the steering wheel was shaking, the oscillator is caused for the transmission system. Because the front wheel front axle is in static state, if finally try oscillator is speed, cars don't appear jitter, the oscillator is part for automobile front axle fault; Check each orientation Angle and toe of the front wheel is in line with the requirements, such as the phrase should be adjusted; Set up front axle try to turn the wheel, check whether wheel dynamic balancing and tyre deformation is too large. When necessary in the wheel of good contrast experiment was carried out; Check whether the front axle, frame deformation, check whether the shaft bending, conditional should do when the shaft dynamic balance.
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