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Attention should be paid in the tire curing problem

by:Sinpo     2020-12-12
Tire in curing many problems that should be emphatically pay attention to the owner all know 'a foetus' subsidy in the very simple reason, but we in the aspect of tire curing exactly do to maximize the maintenance good tyres and ensure a higher safety factor? 'Tire know don' has three consecutive period to consumers, the knowledge of the tire is introduced, we aim to from the 'installation', 'use' of the tire and the daily maintenance and so on various aspects in detail various considerations as far as possible, the hope can give consumers more useful help, so as to avoid the owner of the tire curing some unnecessary misunderstanding. This tyre know hall will in previous tires 'installation' and 'use', on the basis of this paper mainly introduces the owner in daily life should should be focused on the problems in the tire curing. First of all, the tire pressure accuracy. The standard tire pressure of the tire is about 2. 2 ~ 2. Tire pressure 6 bar, too high easy to increase the wear of the tire, may also cause blowout, and low fuel consumption and vehicle will increase turbulence. In general summer tire pressure can be slightly lower, the winter can be a little higher. Owners can prepare a list of tire pressure, tire pressure measurement is the best time to get up in the morning, before the launch vehicle tire pressure measurement, because the tires on the road let stand for 4 hours after is completely cooled down, the most accurate measured data at this time. The standard tire pressure of the tire is generally at the edge of the door, compare the standard values and measured values, gao put off some gas, vice versa. And then the four-wheel transposition. If the vehicles on the road in the direction of running deviation, twist sink and unilateral tyre wear, these phenomena are to remind the owner should immediately to four-wheel vehicle positioning adjustment. Vehicles for the sake of the wheel, so that the front wheel wear speed will be faster than the rear wheel obviously, prolong the service life of tires for better, the owner should be shifted tires regularly, which can make the tyre wear uniform. Mechanics expert proposal, front-wheel drive vehicles per 8000 km, so you can do a four-wheel transposition. Is to keep the tyres after cleaning. Owners need to check whether there is stone in the tyre pattern groove and other foreign body, if you have to clean it myself, but if nail spikes objects, such as the need to seek help from professional maintenance organization. Check tire side without incident, stabbed, cord, if any should be timely replacement tires. At the same time should pay attention to the warranty period of the tire, the service life of tires in 2 - commonly 3 years or 6 - About 100000 kilometers. The pattern depth in 1. 6毫米( The lowest wear) When the tire should be replaced immediately. More than shelf life of the tire ( Especially the spare tire, spare tire life roughly three years) Have been falling, the overall performance. As the saying goes 'three tyre FenYang, five points with, binary installation', in fact, the service life of tires in addition to the wear conditions and mileage, also by such as weather conditions, road conditions, vehicle technology conditions and other factors, so the big owner must check the car's tyres. Remind the owners at the same time, repaired tires more careful, more you have to check.
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