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As we all know the light source of lamps and lanterns is what

by:Sinpo     2020-11-03
Lamps and lanterns believes everyone not unfamiliar, for it is a high quality requirements, so that to prevent accidents, semi-trailer, of course, the lamps and lanterns of the above requirements, said that, you know what, the light source of lamps and lanterns is it if it is not too clear, we can together to learn simple: incandescent light source incandescent lamp is a kind of thermal radiation light source, by electricity will send incandescent filament heating and luminescence, light of the continuous spectrum. The traditional incandescent lamp as light source car taillight mainly consists of four parts: incandescent light source, single parabolic mirror, filter and lens. Incandescent lamp has simple structure, easy to use, is the most commonly used illuminant, stable output and, along with the change of environmental temperature is small. Neon light neon light luminous principle is in filled with inert gas discharge tube at both ends to the electric field, make its produce continuous discharge. Inert gas in the process is emitted photons released when atoms in return to ground state, filling the different inert gas, can be different colors of light. Light-emitting diode ( 领导) Is the principle of light emitting diode junction diode under positive skewness, N area electronics and P area hole each other across the p-n junction, electron and hole composite luminescence. These are for some light simple introduced the lamps and lanterns, today we have to be here to introduce the first, for the content of the other lamps and lanterns in the later to learn.
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