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Analysis of how the engine cylinder sealing test result

by:Sinpo     2020-12-15
Auto parts wholesale cylinder detection engine cylinder sealing test results is analysed how to analysis. There are seven factors influencing the sealing of cylinder, a cylinder wear and damage of piston ring, piston wear, the damage to the valve seat, valve guide, cylinder pad damage, valve clearance and so on several aspects of the problem. Commonly used diagnostic method is what? Mainly include measuring cylinder pressure, crankcase volume, cylinder air leakage and the leakage rate, intake manifold vacuum degree, caused by excessive wear of the cylinder piston group sound vibration measurement of wear and tear of metal in the crankcase is the determination of particle content. For the measurement of cylinder compression pressure, mainly four-stroke engine by the end of the compression pressure. Because of the cylinder pressure and engine oil viscosity and the cylinder piston group match case, adjustment of valve-train is correct, head gasket sealing and so on factors, therefore, in the measurement of engine cylinder pressure, can the diagnosis of cylinder piston seals, if the piston ring, valve and cylinder gasket sealing if good, then the valve clearance must be appropriate. Our engine sealing of detection methods are mainly use compressed air to blow first clean dirty dirt around the spark plug, and then remove the spark plug, should be the ignition system for gasoline secondary high tension line out, with reliable iron, the phenomenon of this is to prevent electric shock and fire, the cylinder pressure gauge for conical rubber plug in the spark plug hole in the cylinder measurement, must be the centralizer compaction, for special throttle, must be placed in the fully open position, the starter to drive the corresponding to the crankshaft rotation, if the pressure gauge of the clock indicates the keep, had certain most Yan have must stop running after pressure readings. And then remove the pressure gauge, write down the readings.
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