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Air filter, the effect of changing the knowledge such as the principle is introduced

by:Sinpo     2020-12-25
The role of the air filter? The role of air filter is very simple, simple is filter out the impurity particles in the air. Because the engine at work requires a lot of inhaled air outside, through the role of the filter air filter will 'inhalable particles in the air filter, after entering the ( Or in the intake port) Blended with gasoline combustion cylinder, if the air filter don't filter function, the larger particles in the air will enter inside the engine combustion, the passage of time can cause all kinds of fault, one of the typical fault is the cylinder! The owner of the biggest concerns of problem: 1. When air conditioning filter replacement? Questions about the air conditioning filter when replacement, different brand can get a different answer, it is suggested that replacement of a 10000 km, 20000 km someone suggested again! ! ! Air filter replacement actually need to see actual situation, such as sand, dust more, in some areas of the master recommended to check the time of each maintenance air filter, and shorten the cycle, a bartender in when necessary. In some cities with relatively clean air, can be appropriately extended replacement cycle. 2. Air filter is dirty blow on? Many owners found in check air filter, air filter is dirty will use air gun to blow a blow or outside play a play! ! ! That this kind of practice on? Master advice: if the air filter is not particularly dirty, slightly grains of sand, dust, the situation is may use air gun to blow; But if the air filter is very dirty, already affect the subsequent use, that this kind of situation must be changed! So, when the change air filter must change! Note: when using air gun to blow, must blow gently, too strong for empty filter no good! Blow as far as possible according to the direction of the air into the blowing. 3. Air filter into the water? General air filter inlet, heralding the engine intake may exist, this sees more at wade during the summer, when this happens, recommended to shut down, so as not to cause the engine intake DingGang! The normal practice, launch vehicles, (open air filter shell, the water is clean Check whether water in cylinder) Better, find a clear regular repair shop to do simple, then proposed to fill the empty filter replaced.
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