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About the semi-trailer girder fracture analysis of the causes why

by:Sinpo     2020-11-01
Like the friends should know about truck, girder is one of the important part of semi-trailer, it carries weight is the key, so if there is a girder fracture, the consequences are serious. Aiming at this problem, then by the small make up to you about why semi-trailer girder fracture reason is analyzed, together and see below: 1, the causes for the users to use overload or even concentrated load in addition to the above reasons of trailer factory, a lot of broken girder is user caused by improper use. The most reason is long-term overloaded, this is very easy to understand, the value of the cargo capacity than the trailer design girder bear weight lead to fracture. And concentrated load, especially the light body hang popular now, concentrated load trailer easily broken girder. 2, prevent the unscrupulous salesman sells some salesman in order to earn more money, and some to get orders, price pressure too low, the original trailer is not to earn money and even lose money, they'll fudge on the trailer configuration: one is to reduce the trailer configuration, talk about good is originally can pull 50 tons of configuration, he gave you dropped 30 tons, trailer broken girder also understandable; 2 it is in production, materials, technology, etc. , the inferior steel, cut corners and a series of problems are likely to appear, greatly increases the probability of fault girder. 3, semi-trailer use inferior steel girders, and one reason is the trailer factory use girder steel quality no good, can't carry the design load, the girder fracture. Girder in addition to the narrowing of the specifications of the girder web, some unconscionable trailer manufacturers to save costs, the girder web plate is made by two short steel pick up, carrying on the sexual certainly worse than the root of many, can be said to be a factory 'broken girder', when users car to pay attention to check. That is outlined in the relevant contents of the small make up to you, hope these can help to you. Small make up feel, semi-trailer when the choose and buy must not covet is cheap and choose the inferior girder. If you want to buy fine, please call: 13954730069.
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