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A winter scrappage? The scrap guide to teach you how to protect car

by:Sinpo     2020-08-18
A, winter driving to preheat a lot of young people in advance in order to catch the morning go to work, often a launch a car will start auto parts manufacturers to walk, this will cause damage to the car. Without preheating directly driving, engine wear occurs in the operation process, produce carbon deposition, accumulate over a long period, will appear vibration phenomenon, finally will lead to a rise in vehicle power and fuel consumption. Two oil, oil choose four seasons winter temperature is low, the best cars, low viscosity oil, because oil is thin, liquidity is better, in the protection ability of the vehicle when cold start of engine, the better. When the choice can be general oil should try to choose the winter and summer. Three, timely replacement of antifreeze antifreeze are the main functions of cooling and antifreeze, in winter, especially in north China in winter temperature is easy to reduce to below 0 ℃ and 30 ℃ below zero, it puts forward certain requirements on antifreeze, so antifreeze need to change use ability of the low temperature products, or if there is a freeze would have no car accessories factory discipline for engine cooling, serious still can damage the radiator and engine. Four, air-conditioning cleaning is necessary after the summer and fall frequent use of air conditioning filter must deposit a lot of dust, and air conditioning evaporation in the moist state for a long time, over time, these two places are easy to breed bacteria and mildew, so frequently used during the winter warm wind before, it is necessary to do a thorough cleaning the car air conditioning. Five, the tire under low temperature, tire cracks get bigger, also can become low friction coefficient, so winter driving must focus on the abrasion of tires, if appear abnormal wear, etc. , to timely adjust the tire pressure, and to the 4 s shops or conditional repair shop in four-wheel positioning or exchange, to ensure that the vehicle steering balance. Clear in time within the tire inclusions, try not to use more than once to mend tires, tires were good thing cut is found, should immediately stop using it. Six, winter wipers wipers well with a glass regardless of winter and summer, as long as the windscreen dirty, have to spray cleaning, winter in auto parts manufacturers, in order to normal use of the wiper, it must be used the water of the watering can with antifreeze performance and better cleaning performance of glass of water. Because temperatures in the winter, water can change from liquid to solid, and the process will get bigger size, this is likely to be frost crack watering can.
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